Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Motivation in the Classroom

Motivation in the Classroom

Motivation in the Classroom is for teachers who are open to change. Teachers who want to try new things.

You will find the ideas on this page especially helpful if you have young people who lack confidence, have low self-esteem or who lack interest in their education.

It is not a quick fix. Motivation is like climbing Mount Everest - you take one step at a time. Or, like eating a chocolate elephant - you take one bite at a time.

Your workplace
Are the walls of your classroom dull and lifeless? Then do the following. Go to Inspirational Student Quotes or Inspirational Teacher Quotes and copy/paste your favourite quotes into a word file. Then have them reprinted as a coloured poster and get them on your walls. You can also order some professional prints and posters from the sites above.

You will also find some free posters here Free Posters

Your Students
How much flexibility do you have in what you teach? Can you show or discuss film clips? Can you go on YouTube? Can you utilise other media?

If yes, then start building a library of film and video clips and start showing them to your students. Every day we do the same with the young people we work with. These films and videos are an important part of each of our courses and we know that they are making a difference.

There are some pretty amazing things out there when you take the time and trouble to look.

If you go to Inspirational People you will find the most wonderful videos of people who will inspire and motivate you. People like Nick Vujicici who was born with no arms or legs, but who lives life to the fullest and inspires people every day of his life.

You will see and hear 12 year old Severn Suzuki giving an emotional speech to all the representatives at the United Nations. Who would have believed that a 12 year old could silence the most powerful people in the world?

Keep visiting our Inspirational People page as we will be adding more inspirational people.

You can go to Film Clips and watch our interesting film slideshow. Guess the film from the words. You might want to do something similiar with your young people.

Go to Motivational Books and you will find some inspiring books to help you in your everyday work. Everyone loves a story with meaning and you will find plenty especially with the Chicken Soup Series.

Motivation in the classroom transfers to motivation in assemblies go to Assembly Ideas and watch the 2 minute inspirational slideshow. Words are very powerful and they can have a profound effect on some young people.

Motivation in the classroom wouldn't be complete without Lesson Plans go here if you want something different.

Lastly, go here to find out about The Genesis eXperience which is an esteem building course for young people who need help with their studies. It focuses on building up confidence and self-esteem.